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Zero 2018 sora aoi full movie download torrent Zero 2018

Zero 2018

In short in stature, but big on love, and meets two very different women, one of whom expanded his horizons and helped him find purpose in life.

A year in the life of a middle class family’s servant in Mexico in the beginning of 1970.

Director: Alfonso Cuarn screenwriter: Alfonso Cuarn: stars were tza, Marina de Tavira, othery Diego Cortina

The events of the film took place in 1970 and 1971, especially in the District of Colonia Roma in Mexico City. Cleo (named character clo Clo de Varda in Agns from 5 to 7) are within the house maid Sofia, households which consists of her husband Antonio, their four small children, the mother of Sofia, Teresa, and another servant, Adela. Antonio, doctor, leaves for a meeting in the city of Quebec. Among the scenes of the life of Cleo and family-hair cleaning, cooking, take children to school and their services, food, leaving children bed and waking them up–it becomes clear that the marriage of Sofia and Antonio are concerned. After a short return, Antonio left again, saying he went to Quebec for a few weeks.
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In their time off, Cleo and Adela to go with their friends, Closn and RAMN, the theatre. At the entrance, Cleo and Fermat to decide to hire a room instead of seeing a film. Closn, naked, has demonstrated his skills Karate using shower curtain rod as a post. ..
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In 1970, the city of Mexico, two staff members of the House to help her mother four years old, when her husband was absent for a long time.


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